ZiKZ 5368


ZiKZ 5368

The ZiKZ 5368 is a medium-sized truck made in the 60's and renowned for its impressive resilience. Due to its small frame and outdated engine, it's not the most powerful truck on the road. Considering it was originally designed primarily for highway use and thus lacks a full-wheel drive, its light weight, decent fuel efficiency and available off-road tires make it one of the most rough terrain-capable highway trucks around.

Default Spec

  • FUEL CAPACITY: 190L / 51 Gal
  • TIRES: Highway 42"
  • AWD: Switchable
  • DIFF. LOCK: Capable
  • Estimated Value: 31900

Base Performance









Hidden Upgrade Locations (9)

Offroad gearbox

A very sturdy gearbox optimized for harsh off-road conditions, sacrificing fuel efficiency, top speed and gear count in exchange for three Low Gear stages.

Highrange gearbox

A high-range gearbox variant with increased gear count and top speed, and an additional High Gear at the cost of lower durability.

Engageable differential

A locking differential kit that provides considerable traction advantage over unlocked differential, making traversing uneven terrain easier.

IMZ-6 210 engine

A somewhat more modern engine model offering impressive power output (considering its age), acceleration and durability with higher fuel consumption.

Raised suspension

A raised suspension kit, good for venturing down old roads or off-road terrain.

LAZ 6 T195 engine

A revised engine variant with improved overall performance and reliability but lower fuel efficiency.

Metal Detector Module addon

Metal Detector Module.

LAZ 6 TA240 engine

A heavily re-designed engine variant with a few cut corners to sacrifice fuel efficiency and reliability for sheer unadulterated power.

Fine-tune gearbox

A specialized gearbox allowing free Low Gear / R Gear transfer ratio tuning. Notoriously fragile and not very fuel-efficient in AWD mode owing to its mechanical complexity.

ZiKZ 5368