Tayga 6436

A 6x6 off-road heavy truck, the 6436 is similar to many Eastern Bloc trucks in that it was originally designed as an army logistical workhorse. True to its roots, this model is outfitted with an impressively reliable gearbox and powertrain and is only nominally less fuel efficient than its counterparts. This vehicle is also notable for being outfitted with a non-disengageable AWD and differential lock.

Default Spec

  • FUEL CAPACITY: 330L / 88 Gal
  • TIRES: Highway 47"
  • AWD: Always On
  • DIFF. LOCK: Always On
  • Seismic Vibrator Module: Compatible
  • Estimated Value: 75000

Base Performance









Hidden Upgrade Locations (6)

Offroad gearbox

A very sturdy gearbox optimized for harsh off-road conditions, sacrificing fuel efficiency, top speed and gear count in exchange for three Low Gear stages.

Highrange gearbox

A high-range gearbox variant with increased gear count and top speed, and an additional High Gear at the cost of lower durability.

LAZ 8 T290 engine

A modified engine variant sporting increased power output and fuel consumption, as well as numerous structural upgrades that improve its reliability.

IMZ-8 330-T engine

An engine block redesigned with a more modern approach to engineering, this engine offers even better acceleration and power output, as well as higher durability.

Raised suspension

A raised suspension kit, good for venturing down old roads or off-road terrain.

Fine-tune gearbox

A specialized gearbox allowing free Low Gear / R Gear transfer ratio tuning. Notoriously fragile and not very fuel-efficient in AWD mode owing to its mechanical complexity.