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Thank you for visiting MapRunner

What started as a fun project to add to my portfolio snowballed into a site that I'm excited to share with the SnowRunner community.

I greatly appreciate everyone's support and feedback so far. I never expected MapRunner to receive so much interest and attention when I posted about it on the SnowRunner subreddit. Within a couple of hours of going live the website was getting over 200 concurrent users.

Once the SnowRunner team themselves posted on Facebook and Twitter it launched this website to a very welcomed but unexpectedly large audience which was very exciting!

With the input of the community, I want to continue the development of MapRunner. With an influx of visitors comes an increase in server running costs so to keep the site running I may rely on some donations which are very much appreciated! I also share these donations with key contributors of the website.

As this is a side project for me, developing further features may take time but I will do the best I can. All input from the community to improve the website in any capacity will always be welcomed.

Any members of the community can contact me on reddit /u/deviousdrizzle to give feedback, ideas or contribute to data accuracy.

Update 31/5
After discussions with a few contributors to the website I am considering a couple of unobtrusive adverts to keep running costs flowing and stable. As donations could vary from month to month it may not be stable enough to keep things running smoothly. Surplus donation funds I would prefer to split with the contributors and have as much ad revenue cover the running costs of servers etc. I will see how this runs going forward as keeping the website in a stable position with regular income to cover servers is top priority.

p.s If you use an adblocker it would be awesome if you could whitelist the website. If the adverts annoy you then let me know or feel free to block again. If everyone had an adblocker turned on and donations weren't consistent then the reality is this site would not stay live for long.

Thanks Again,
- DeviousD