GMC MH9500

The GMC MH9500 is an old school staple of highway trucking. It might be rusty, but it's durable and has a high suspension and enough power to go off-road. With the right tires and engine setup, this workhorse can handle a forest road with ease.

Default Spec

  • FUEL CAPACITY: 240L / 64 Gal
  • TIRES: Highway 43"
  • AWD: Capable
  • DIFF. LOCK: Capable
  • Seismic Vibrator Module: Compatible
  • Estimated Value: 26300

Base Performance









Hidden Upgrade Locations (8)

Raised suspension

A raised suspension kit, good for venturing down old roads or off-road terrain.

Si-6V/2100T engine

A modification of a popular engine, sporting increased power output, reliability and acceleration potential at the cost of fuel efficiency.

Engageable differential

A locking differential kit that provides considerable traction advantage over unlocked differential, making traversing uneven terrain easier.

Offroad gearbox

A very sturdy gearbox optimized for harsh off-road conditions, sacrificing fuel efficiency, top speed and gear count in exchange for three Low Gear stages.

Highrange gearbox

A high-range gearbox variant with increased gear count and top speed, and an additional High Gear at the cost of lower durability.

Engageable AWD gearbox

An all-wheel drive powertrain that can provide torque to all connected wheels on-demand.

Metal Detector Module addon

Metal Detector Module.

Fine-tune gearbox

A specialized gearbox allowing free Low Gear / R Gear transfer ratio tuning. Notoriously fragile and not very fuel-efficient in AWD mode owing to its mechanical complexity.