Hummer H2

Timeless gangster classic. Always bright and loud. Always wears biggest rims. Always noticed on the streets.\nDoes it hold up to its name in the deepest of bogs and forests? It sure does. Durability of a full sized truck, versatility of a military scout, speed of a family van - all yours to command.

Default Spec

  • FUEL CAPACITY: 80L / 22 Gal
  • TIRES: Off-Road 36"
  • AWD: Switchable
  • DIFF. LOCK: Capable
  • Estimated Value: 18300

Base Performance









Hidden Upgrade Locations (7)

SnowRunner gearbox

A gearbox customized for better off-road performance, sacrificing gear count, top speed and fuel efficiency but offering three Low Gear stages.

Freeway gearbox

An advanced gearbox sporting many functional improvements over regular variants such as higher gear count and top speed, and an added High Gear at the cost of lower reliability.

Engageable differential

A locking differential kit that provides considerable traction advantage over unlocked differential, making traversing uneven terrain easier.

Het/8V 6,2 engine

A further push towards small vehicle limits, this engine offers improved power output, durability and acceleration at the cost of some fuel efficiency.

Raised suspension

A raised suspension kit, good for venturing down old roads or off-road terrain.

Het/8V 6,2T engine

A military-grade engine variant designed for ultimate power output, acceleration and durability while still remaining a car-portable engine unit.

Fine-tune gearbox

A gearbox with freely configurable Low Gear / R Gear transfer ratio. Somewhat less durable and fuel-efficient than regular options, especially in AWD mode.