TUZ 166

An old guard Eastern Bloc off-roader, this vehicle was designed to transport high command officers in combat missions. The truck's stock engine doesn't compare with modern equivalents, but it has enormous potential if the engine is tuned or replaced with something more capable. Careful tuning will transform this old dog into an all-terrain monster. While it does lack utility, it'll tear through dirt like nobody's business.

Default Spec

  • FUEL CAPACITY: 60L / 16 Gal
  • TIRES: Highway 31"
  • AWD: Always On
  • DIFF. LOCK: Always On
  • Estimated Value: 15500

Base Performance









Hidden Upgrade Locations (8)

SnowRunner gearbox

A gearbox customized for better off-road performance, sacrificing gear count, top speed and fuel efficiency but offering three Low Gear stages.

Freeway gearbox

An advanced gearbox sporting many functional improvements over regular variants such as higher gear count and top speed, and an added High Gear at the cost of lower reliability.

Kr 115 engine

Increased power, integrity, acceleration and fuel consumption

Raised suspension

A raised suspension kit, good for venturing down old roads or off-road terrain.

Kr 120-АТ engine

Increased power, integrity, acceleration and fuel consumption

Tuned Custom suspension

A specially customized suspension kit, the ultimate weapon against rough terrain and ruined country roads.

Fine-tune gearbox

A gearbox with freely configurable Low Gear / R Gear transfer ratio. Somewhat less durable and fuel-efficient than regular options, especially in AWD mode.

Kr 'Kastom' 160 engine

An entire nation's worth of horsepowers, carefully compressed and tucked under your scout's hood. Considering its shady origins and spectacular power output, its reliability is... expectable.